2018 Annual Fees - Current/approved HFBC Members

HFBC 2018 Member badge.jpg
HFBC 2018 Member badge.jpg

2018 Annual Fees - Current/approved HFBC Members

20.00 25.00

To finalize, please pay the 2018 HFBC Annual fee*. Upon renewal  you will receive the 2018 HFBC member badge for your blogs and email signatures. Please note that each HFBC will be responsible for submitting payment, this is also the case for blogger duo's and brands. 

As current members you should be a part of:

- HFBC Facebook Group

- HFBC Group Email list 

*Also, if you have not yet submitted your photo/logo and bio for the HFBC website please complete this form and email your photo or logo to info@houstonfoodbloggercollective.com. 

Annual & New Membereship fees go towards:

- Restaurant Tastings & tip

- HFBC Hosted events (Holiday parties, workshops, trainings etc...)

- Sponsored Social Media Posts (per Social Media Chair Approval)

- Website Updates & Official Photography

Thanks for being a part of the Collective!

Let us know if you have questions. Info@hosutonfoodbloggercollective.com

Pay 2018 Annual Dues here

To finalize your membership, please pay the 2018 member Renewal fee. Upon payment, you'll receive a confirmation email from our Membership Chair and will be added to the group email list (for event invitations & general info) and the private Facebook group (where a lot of our interaction happens day to day).

Thanks for being a part of the Houston Food Blogger Collective!